Infested Spacestation

A personal project made in Unreal Engine 4. With this scene I wanted to challenge myself by doing an sci-fi environment and working more with organic materials and objects.

I decided to do a smaller environment as I knew from the start that I would have problems with making my own sci-fi concept. Usually when I see a sci-fi environment I rarely see any believability behind it (tubes everywhere) and have a time to understand what I´m watching. To create my own concept I decided to study a lot in others work and take a use of the environments around me in real life.

I took a lot of inspiration from buses, trains and electronic products such as microwaves and computer chassis when designing the corridor. The alien stuff I was mainly inspired by the game Scorn aswell as the Alien universe.

Hope you like it!

Christoffer sjostrom aliengif optimized

Mainshot GIF

Christoffer sjostrom alieninfestation altshot

Alt shot

Christoffer sjostrom alieninfestation mainshot


Christoffer sjostrom objects closeup
Christoffer sjostrom objects wireframe
Christoffer sjostrom highresscreenshot00018
Christoffer sjostrom breakdown infestation
Christoffer sjostrom metalgridspehere

Metalgrid Material

Christoffer sjostrom metalgridplane

Metalgrid Material

Christoffer sjostrom alienroots
Christoffer sjostrom organicaliensphere

Organic Alien Material

Christoffer sjostrom organicalienplane

Organic Alien Material

Christoffer sjostrom veinsspheresharp

Alien Egg Material

Christoffer sjostrom progressgif optimized

Progress of the scene development